Emergency Newsletter: Change in VIP and Extinction viewer Access

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Hello everybody!

We have a few updates to inform you about

1. As you know we changed the way the VIP membership works; In the previous version you were allowed a special section of mesh downloads and all you can download. However as times have changed and mesh is just as common as prims we decided to remove the VIP section, and just allow members to download all the content they want without fear of a ban hammer.The price was also lowered the price from 10.99 to 5.99, which brings us to this update.
Recently we received questions/complaints about the GOONSQUAD MEMBERSHIP(aka the Insta-RED membership)
One member even said and I quote
"If VIPs are allowed to download because they support with money, how is my $2.99 a month any different? I'm supporting you guys with money right? So it should be the same?"
So as we loaded that member's body into a shallow grave, behind the local Walmart I had to admit he was right, Money is money and that money supports us.
SO! from this day forth
If you buy a $2.99 Membership you can be granted VIP status.
if you bought a $2.99 Goonsquad membership( and is still paying for it) Send a screenshot of your receipt to @Zerothe10th and your account will be upgraded to VIP
If you bought a $4.99 Goonsquad membership before this promo you can't downgrade to a $2.99 membership BUT you can refer a friend and we'll make them a VIP member on the house.( Well not really, you're paying for it but your friend doesn't have to!)
Those who got the $10.99 membership back in the day can invite 4 members to become VIP

Remember in order for your accounts to be upgraded you have to send a full screenshot of your paypal transaction to @Zerothe10th or your accounts CANNOT be changed.
( If you need help with screenshots please download GYAZO)


In other news the Sombrero viewer has been blocked ;_:
We are currently searching for any members skilled in viewer dev to help us create a new Viewer, Members who help us will not only help us and the entire community but will be granted VIP status ( so you can enjoy the spoils you helped us get) and a instant 150+rep
Plus you know we'll worship and praise you like crazy.

If you or someone you know has the skills to achieve this please contact:

With viewer blocking we are allowing a open access to our Extinction viewer
Normally we would only allow VIPs and RED+ members access this viewer but in light of the situation we will allow anyone to use it
It may not be the most up to date viewer BUT it is a viewer that is not blocked and we hope that you use it to share items with us.

That's it for this newsletter.
Please continue to lend us your support and we'll do our best to keep this boat a float.

Oh god my inbox..
[Image: sopjdg.jpg]

Sombrero is now unblocked.
Read how to do it here:

[To see links please register here]


(10-30-2015, 06:57 PM)Condoms Wrote:

[To see links please register here]

Sombrero is now unblocked.
Read how to do it here:

[To see links please register here]

[Image: 2v8fjn4.jpg]
Yeeaaah I'm not re-sending that Mass mail

hi i recently purchased a vip membership do i need to forward the receipt also?

(01-26-2016, 08:16 PM)jobbyheed Wrote:

[To see links please register here]

hi i recently purchased a vip membership do i need to forward the receipt also?

Yes, the system doesnt do it automatically anymore, so you have to send me a screenshot of your receipt and I'll turn you into a VIP

Awesome thank you so much  :Adore:

Really appreciate the maintenance of resources like this for SL

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