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  Uploading Skin? Turning Gray?
Posted by: Riribabyboss - Yesterday, 02:56 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

Hey Im just trying to figure out how to wear a skin i made for myself inword? I made it into a tattoo layer and it comes on fine but when i exit appearance mode it turns gray. i even uploaded it for 10L in my inventory..

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  [split] XML export
Posted by: BriannaVeyran - Yesterday, 01:49 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)

I would like to say that if the item can be rezzed out instead of worn, the export XML option still works properly. I found this out with any full perm mesh clothing I have, along with some stores that don't prevent you from doing that.

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  --Dog animation on any bed --- GUIDE ---
Posted by: duke124 - 11-24-2021, 05:10 AM - Forum: UUID / NOTECARD AO - Replies (1)

USe my Ao  and DARKSTORM
[ Standing ]fcc1fe2d-383a-3bde-7fa1-3079a86b81f0|6ec0a94c-6b54-390c-9bd2-e38bb8b5d501|54cff90d-aa5a-ca0f-235a-90c413f85eba|9aa915ff-2889-60f1-1e2f-0f15a7a9b3f3|ed7e80ba-4cf3-62bb-c4de-a33b6094bd96|9c327bca-6f23-86cd-f6dc-d4f103db9297|5b9e947c-b2d4-a44b-2ed8-4faf34d2a36d|72df0355-4e38-af78-c9c9-b9402e6a375b|72df0355-4e38-af78-c9c9-b9402e6a375b|ab1cb0d0-b4ce-190d-6eec-453df3b99fb4|b459a7e2-c128-ec58-affd-b845c05cba36|47ef4f07-f587-6002-c036-9c1d1cb2571f|0e6fa137-7905-da32-4912-1ad3ebcb545d|37380899-94f2-1ff2-6a46-21014a10e763|7e67af41-3ba0-f1c6-159c-be364da0f6aa|7e67af41-3ba0-f1c6-159c-be364da0f6aa|8efcced9-2f88-cc77-e6c1-c3ec6cfa5b11|ee616aa2-f113-4c22-b306-79929b757e00|9de77c7c-0cb5-a00c-8c6d-ce8f5618d6d6|835a6ce7-8a3b-01df-15f2-803aac6623e5|d71cbea4-f81e-710a-eaf1-8bc8dc9ec75d|0682a12f-50e9-37bf-92f6-af8903a1e486|0682a12f-50e9-37bf-92f6-af8903a1e486|7aebc23e-248b-15b8-d06e-e3be3b91a8ab|1e1b5a5b-69a8-da63-d6bc-a79469aef73b|e876e186-dbec-dd7b-04c9-4534d065510b|c3d2e5c0-579f-98fa-9837-016267904e23|7a48821c-41af-ef47-e8d0-c55b3c3f08d2|75a12391-202c-1a46-8a33-2fb212bf4a62|7b00d1f1-d4d6-d11a-c845-32f6b41f98c8|a8eb8102-a3c4-7e67-67bd-aa21a789e16c|f59c5721-269b-7b30-3580-a5e25d23dcec|||||||
[ Walking ]63a0fe53-1553-c81f-df26-a869c3f6bcc7
[ Sitting ]84ad0e2c-91e8-7a75-d809-0c7e7d5c7dd2
[ Sitting On Ground ]4cc8533a-5e1e-59a2-acbb-d5fabd608781
[ Crouching ]495b5e8b-15c1-2dc9-d356-aeffa256270a
[ Crouch Walking ]6ba17378-d934-8cc2-0691-bd1e5789d563
[ Landing ]114b66fe-2890-7ae1-2cbc-ccd05b6028e1
[ Standing Up ]be610dbb-cd74-6234-0a8c-37e983f2a2b0
[ Falling ]a90f567b-9404-06e3-c64d-5c57a9a229ab
[ Flying Down ]e070e459-4707-36c1-e9c9-be1d46236981
[ Flying Up ]cdd93393-2c3c-7c5a-c077-0759d6f01564
[ Flying ]ac32868f-b78c-03dc-43d7-dc53ede95b2d
[ Flying Slow ]ac32868f-b78c-03dc-43d7-dc53ede95b2d
[ Hovering]13d96f51-5fad-f53d-9e4e-b327939d4e61
[ Jumping]b07c8794-767f-0880-7799-d77b2837e8e3
[ Pre Jumping ]d4af5aea-6651-bee3-f812-661eb328f980
[ Running ]98d15223-312f-cab1-b143-fc7a3cf2af7b
[ Turning Right ]4cdd0488-a605-51c7-ebb7-fd89ca6cf93f
[ Turning Left ]e7ddff50-d0e8-3631-ec57-c4906dadab9b
[ Floating ]13d96f51-5fad-f53d-9e4e-b327939d4e61
[ Swimming Forward ]ac32868f-b78c-03dc-43d7-dc53ede95b2d
[ Swimming Up ]cdd93393-2c3c-7c5a-c077-0759d6f01564
[ Swimming Down ]e070e459-4707-36c1-e9c9-be1d46236981
[ Typing ]d712c973-b4de-c533-c205-c88146137b2e

Sit on bed  and 

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Adjuist your dog avatar and select dog animation use Ao menu

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Exclamation Second Life Account for Sale - 12 yo Female - Fully Loaded
Posted by: D0gstar - 11-23-2021, 06:39 PM - Forum: Complete Human Female Avatars with clothing - No Replies


Full inventory 
Legacy Surname: Megadon

Lelutka Avalon 3.1 with Glam Affair Lelukta Evo X Skin
Maitreya Body High End Skin
Hair by Doux and by Stealthic
Snappy Wears Glasses, ROC, FAVOUR, MM, Top1salon , Shoes, Makeup and clothes plus other brands
Outfits for Casual, Formal, Beach, PJ's  etc etc etc

This is a fully loaded ready to go avatar, you won’t have to buy anything more.

90 US dollars Paypal or 20k L$ inworld

  PuddleJumper24#7509 on discord for more information.

[Image: 3660706-26f0eba4d192775f6143b4665b0c7f8c.png]

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  Error Code
Posted by: demon4299 - 11-23-2021, 02:50 AM - Forum: Questions? - Replies (1)

I keep getting this error code when trying to download Hydrastorm 

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cananyone help

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  Will pay for a Krafties bot.
Posted by: Gaxaro - 11-19-2021, 02:27 PM - Forum: Now Hiring Work From Home! - Replies (2)

I'm not sure if this is do able but i heard that people been botting on krafties before. Anyway, Krafties is basically like a mmorpg where you have your own creature which can kill wild krafties to get exp and loot. It has crafting as well etc. You have a Hud and a creature attachment and everything is done with the hud, expect the attacking the wild krafties part. So they spawn from this thing called home temple that you put out and you need to click the wild kraftie to get a blue pop up window that says attack and when you click attack, you start attacking pretty much lol. Anyway, would anyone maybe be able to make a bot for this game? Thank you! Also tell me what you would like to be paid if you can do it!

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Wink Would it be possible to cheat on Krafties?
Posted by: Gaxaro - 11-19-2021, 02:17 PM - Forum: Questions? - Replies (3)

Alright, so heard people has been able to cheat in this game called Krafties. I heard stories about people botting with 6 alts, just standing there doing all the work and as well modifying the scripts of krafties with another script etc. I'm mostly cureious about the botting part. Was it done with pikkubot perhaps? But yeah it requiers you to click on the wild kraftie then click attack on the blue pop up window to actually kill it to get loot and exp. But yeah, would it still be possible to bot or something? Thank you.

Anyone know?

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Question I'm super new to this and need help
Posted by: thottie13 - 11-19-2021, 05:32 AM - Forum: Questions? - Replies (12)

I feel like such a noob. I work with computer's professionally and can't seem to figure this out. Has anyone posted a tutorial for how to upload a mesh head to completion? I've watched all the videos in the tutorial section and am so stumped.

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  Newer than new
Posted by: screee - 11-18-2021, 07:37 PM - Forum: STEP 2: INTRODUCTIONS - Replies (3)

Hello. I have full permissions items in Second Life that I was told I could edit with Blender. I thought I would be able to download them and was sad that I couldn't. I found this place. I have been worried about getting banned or breaking something. I have not tried anything. But I do not do much in Second Life anymore so........ I will just risk problems for getting the things that I bought, and then share things I have with you.

Items I make myself I will also put here for free if someone wants them.

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  new link
Posted by: yorkshiregirl - 11-16-2021, 01:30 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

so my laptop broke and i have a new one how do i editit my post and put a new link in it

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