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D A R K S T O R M_V I E W E R 2.8

[Image: 2cctsia.jpg]

- Update repository Firestorm (SSB support)
- Darkstorm menu on Radar
- Some bugs fixed

[To see links please register here]

[To see links please register here]

Huge thanks to MOFOS for the update!!!

Page 2 (The above is first post of this thread)
Due to a bug you have to set 'UsePieMenu' in the debug-settings to 'False' for the Import/Export HPA feature to work.

Install 2.6 and over this 2.8 no key needed for VIP :-)

thx a lot guy ;)

wonderful post thanks!

thankswonderful post thanks!

Thanks for sharing!

I know you did an awesome job!

thanks a lot

gracias por el aporte calidad

ooo there's an update for this viewer...cool! Nice work!

I've always chosen Darkstorm because it let me preview animations very easily but this 2.8 won't let me preview without the key...so, I've uninstalled and am going to re-install your version and see wuts up...but even without preview animations...this is still my fave..so tysm for the share;)

first time user here. imma do my bestt~
thank you.

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