Darkstorm 6.2.0

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Someone ask me to post the newest Darkstorm
i dont have any information how this viewer works

when someone has that information share it with us here please

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read the rules 1-6

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 oh wow darkstorm was my first copybot viewer, i used to copy animations using it with one click,it used to be so easy,i deff have to try this one out and see wassup,dling it right now,the animation ripping etc all worked easy and well etc been a while so having a look into it

I've used the viewer from WISH for a while.  6.2 is a very good version.

Nice viewer but voice is disabled or broken

Likely your settings or equipment.  Works ok for me.

Amazing !!!! I have used older versions of Darkstorm but this version rocks.  Love the colors and works even better than Hydrasorm. Stoke.001

Thank you , great

What is the link for the newest version of Revelator please?

Revelator is not shared here look at the top it says Darkstorm
read the rules 1-6

[To see links please register here]


Ola Lagertha tudo bem? eu uso ele e estar funcionando muito bem,ja fiz avatares roupas e cabeças com ele e Mesh Helper 1.7.0 e tenho algumas duvidas em relação as emendas da malha.

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