Wearable Extraction

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(Stolen From our dear @Zerothe10th website)
Wearable Extraction
Now what about wearables
(You know tattoos system clothing things of that nature)
Well if you wish to extract the texture from those items you can do so using the method I explained above
However if you just want the wearables themselves there is a far easier way to acquire them then going through what I explained the above.

Chapter 3 section 2: Exporting the wearables

Wearable files are super convenient to have on your person if you're not one for extracting each and every texture and you just want to wear that item or pass it along to an alt or maybe you want to share it on a serangoon site so that other people can have that skin you know nudge-nudge-wink-wink

Exporting them and wearable format is a quick and convenient way to save your wearables
Okay seriously you want to play a game? drink a shot every time I say the word wearable
So let's get into saving those..... Wearables
Quick question: What are wearables?
Wearables are system items that can be worn such a Skins, tattoos, system clothing, and Alpha
They're almost always in their own format for example a skin wearable will be in .Skin format and a tattoo will be in . Tattoo format making it easy to know what is what and what will be on what layer.
How do you make a wearable file
Well it's easy first you open up your inventory and you navigate to the wearable you want to extract
For this example I'm going to select a no mod no transfer skin which is supposed to be full perm but for some reason is no mod no transfer and then from the menu I'm going to select save as because it's a skin hydra will automatically recognize it as a skin file and ask you do you want to save it as a. Skin file all you have to do is simply name the file and hit save if you have a whole folder full of wearables you can do the saving in bulk by selecting the folder and selecting save as you'll be given the ability to create a new folder which we will name testing I guess I hit okay and it will save all of the files that can to the folder you just created.

Great now you have a folder full of wearables
Getting pretty drunk now aren't you?

Now to import these files we're going to navigate to the top of our screen and select hydrastorm import wearables then select all of the wearable files we want

If all goes well the file import and go into your inventory
Now this is a part that scares a number of people who use the beta
After the files are imported you'll get an error that will pop up saying something to the tune of

Unable to upload your file name due to the following reason error and upload request please visit Firestorm blah blah blah

Don't worry about it your phone will still upload to your inventory this is just a scare tactic by The Firestorm code
Just sit close and ignore it and continue on with your business.

And that's that
You now have the ability to extract skins and clothing using the Hydra viewer
Pretty neat huh.

Well on to the next topic

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