Im hiring developers to assist me with Viewer Development.

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I'm hiring developers to assist with Viewer Development. You must know the basics of C++ coding. You should also know how to compile and run the Second life viewer. It's time that we focus on new and improved features for our viewers. If you have the skills and would like to join us, please message me your qualificatications and what you want regarding compensation.

Sadly I don't know anything about C++ or viewer makng ;_:
But I can try to find some poeple who do, can you give me more details about what you need to know. or is just basic C++ and the ability to complie a viewer?

Well they will have to know at the very least how to us Microsoft Visual Studio. They would also have to know how to compile the Secondlife viewer of their choice Firestorm/Singularity etc... Its pretty easy, but complicated, thus if they cant pass that task, they are wasting my time. Also we are looking for people with new ideas, not just stealing or ripping. Thats a thing of the past. We want to explore new ideas regarding 3D modeling and how to upload items for free etc..

hehe first idea save a riigged mesh from the viewer so we dont have to use MeshSL

Which viewer are you planning to use as your base?

Singularity or Firestorm?


(02-06-2018, 02:38 AM)D E A D Wrote:

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Which viewer are you planning to use as your base?

Singularity or Firestorm?

Firestorm and Singularity.

I use Firestorm

Hi, today I tried to download things and then share...
I've had a lot of problems with the Revelator viewer that's there now...
At the moment it is the only Viewer that supports Bento and displays them correctly.
For the rest it goes on continuously and many problems...
I can not say if for my incapacity or for the limitations it is Revelator viewer but it has not allowed me to make some mesh copies...
Firestorm is definitely the best viewer and I think developers should devote to that.
I do not want to belittle Syngularity, but I can say in my humble opinion that there are so many features missing.
I would have liked to cooperate and help you but unfortunately I do not have the technical knowledge to do it.

@"Vangelis"  I agree Firestorm is the best.

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