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Welcome to the wonderful world of sculptmaps.
This Notecard is now included in all of my sculptmap packs to prevent buyers remorse in those people who thought they were simply going to unpack a rock in a box and think I've ripped them off.
What you've purchased is actually much more useful, as these maps can be used in your own creations, which you can then sell. Make sure to read the License so that you understand their terms of use.
To most people sculptmaps just looks like random colors (or in the case of watermarked maps, a colorful design). In actuality, a sculptmap is an image that acts as a data map. It tells a prim how to reshape itself.
The following will be my attempt to walk you through the process of making use of it.

Step 1) Create a box. To do this, click on a piece of land (in a sandbox or parcel you can build in) and choose "Build" to open the build menu. This will cause your tooltip to become a magic wand. Right click on the ground and a box will appear

[Image: foiwkm.jpg]

Step 2) Once you have created a box, the build menu should automatically take you to the "Edit" menu. Make sure you are in the "Object" tab, where you will find a drop down menu that says Box.

[Image: r1ipt5.jpg]

Open that menu and select "Sculpted". This will cause a brightly colored texture box with the words "Sculpt Texture" beneath it to open up. It will also turn your box into an apple (The default sculpt shape used by Linden Labs).
There are two ways to apply your new sculpt-map to the prim.

1 - You can drag and drop it, from your inventory, directly onto the sculpt texture box.
2 - You can click on the sculpt-texture box to open the Sculpt texture menu. Type the name of the sculpt-map you intend to use in the search bar. Once you have found the correct map, choose it and click OK.

[Image: 2a7sbgp.jpg]

Congratulations! You have just used a sculpt map!

The sculpt will often look warped when you first create it. You will have to stretch it using the stretch command in the edit menu (or you can hold down cntrl + shift).
Sculpt maps only alter the shape of the prim. In the images I have provided I used a rock sculpt-map that I made and sell. The images I use to show how the rocks COULD look shows them with a rock texture provided by Linden Labs

[Image: 2rq24i9.jpg]

This texture can be found in your Library folder.
At the VERY bottom of your inventory is a folder with the word Library in green.
Inside of your library folder you will find textures, sculptmaps, gestures, and even complete avatars that are provided to you, compliments of Linden Labs.
Become familiar with your library because:
1) There are textures, sculptmaps and all sorts of resources that you can wear and use to create things to sell.
2) There are people who sometimes try to sell these things without modifying or changing them in any way, and you will wind up buying something you already have in your library.


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