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[Image: shield_59301_1qpzz.jpg?w=300&h=300]
Triforce Viewer by:FreddyK

unlock & save all textures
unlocked building panel & object copy/paste parameter
unlocked textures under building panel, open & save
apply textures on objects building with apply UUID
Particle Reverse Engineering

unlock avatar textures (no crash copy layer protection)
AO accepts UUID notecards
animation explorer & preview UUID anims
upload of wearables
upload of gestures
upload of everything else through bulk including bvh

bvh to animation converter
export .animation, bvh re-upload to animation floater
jellyroll and open to animation explorer

Download Here

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Hmm apparently none of these work lol

is a very good viewer

looks like another half ass viewer, for people that dont know any better theya re quick to say its a good viewer, but does it export mesh? what tools does it have for griefing/ attacking? otherwise its the same copybot viewer with a new game GG for you not impressed

I want try to download it!!!:Laugh:

Hmmm... N'est-ce pas un programme qui vole vos mots de passe?

thx for this share !!

I like to test it, thx to you ;o)

Good work. Thank you.

:Nerd: thanks, let me give it a try.

Hmm, lets see what this beauty does!

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