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so what does this viewer do

Here is some info I found on this viewer but I thinks this is an old viewer.

# Added Animation Explorer with Copy UUID and copy to Temp Inventory option.
Open Temp animations to use "Save as .animatn" option, and they can be re-uploaded using Bulk Upload menu.

# Added ability to use "UUID notecards" in AO . Big Grin
Heres a little "How-to:" on how to use them as method is slightly different from V1 Viewers:

To use UUID Notecards with AO:

In this example grab a UUID AO notecard from Animations section of this forum, then paste contents into new notecard inworld.

1. Copy notecard to "Animations" Folder in your Inventory.
2. Open AO menu and Tick box next to "LoadUUID".
3. Drag notecard onto AO menu and it'll create Temporary anims for the UUIDs in Animations folder.
4. Untick box next to "LoadUUID", and drop AO notecard onto AO menu again and this time it'll load the notecard and make the inventory links for the anims.
5. Now you can select the "AO set" in the AO menu. As with any AO you'll have to set the Cycle and Randomize options for stands,walks and other anim states which have several anims in them.
[Image: SEm2q3E.png]


thanks for your work and contribution

applause for this forum and this thread..
thanks for the job
it s anold version but it works

Looking good, thanks.

good thanks to share this

thank you so much for this share

i wish someone can write a review of all the viwers.

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