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I hope this might help someone. I went to this site

[To see links please register here]

and I wanted to get the pattern but it didn't fit my SL Avatar. I tried every thing I thought but all I needed to do was go to "Reset 3D Arrangement and Simulate. It fit! my SL model. So, I might be late with this tip, but took me a minute to figure it out. You can get FREEBIES on the Fearless Makers Site.

[Image: rax2kx.png]

Download my File and test it for yourself. Enjoy! Hope this helps someone


[To see links please register here]


thank you for something on the program it helps

thanks sweetie

interesting,. never heard of marvelous designer so I am going to look that up

Thanks for the tip

nice tip thanks

Thanks for the tip

thank you very much. This will be helpful

Gracias por el aporte, voy a probarlo

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