It pays to be VIP: Check out these new Services!

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Well howdy there Goon Bunnies!
How's your day Goin'?

Well it's about to get better, because I have an announcement to make!

With the blessing of our Big Boss we are announcing some new Services for our lovely paying members.

OKay First Service up is.
[Image: ad0pxt.jpg]

The Rigging service: Yes Quietly in the shadows some of our Goonie members have been learning how to Rig mesh!, and it just so happens that we have a large collection of un-rigged rigged mesh items just waiting to be rigged for your enjoyment.


Say you have a unique shape, you know a little more hippy than the average duck.
Well if you submit your xml with your request, we can import your avatar and shape the mesh clothing around your body!
( Yaaaaaaay)

( at the moment this can only work on non mesh/prim bodies. So no askin' us to stretch mesh over a giant wolf butt, cause we cant do it. )

Another Service we're offering our Esteemed paying customers is..

The Hitman service.
[Image: 103dda9.jpg]
What is the Hitman service you ask?
Well it's this.
I'm sure you've seen the movies right? Played the games?
Say some jerk face person has pissed you off and you want them to pay, Or that jerk face is having an event and you're like " if only I can make that jerk face pay for what they did to me.Or if you just think it would be funny to eff with a certain group of people, with this service you have the ability to keep your hands clean and hire a bonafide Good Squad Griefer to cause hell and chaos on a sim for your pleasure.

Wonderful huh?

Well that's it for today's announcements!
These services will be implemented for our paying VIP members shortly

If you want these services become a VIP member simple ya ^_^

jumping up and down and i want to be a VIP. oh wait. i AM a VIP woooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooo, passes her hit list to zero... :D

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