::IMPORTANT:: Killing off Leeches with a fury

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Hello Bunnies.
Time to talk about a serious problem Leeching

We tried being nice and we tried referring people to tutorials, and created ways to make sharing easier but some of you just take and take.
Not for anyone Not even for the Big Boss who runs this place has to shell out money to keep it going, and he could be like other sites and make it mandatory to pay.
But he doesn't. He is paying real money just to make all of you happy and you can't even share a single file?

It is too damn hot and it's not fair that only a handful of people have to work so hard to keep this place going while others get to sit and reap the rewards.
So here is how things are gonna go.

If I see that person has no shares and they're taking multiple things
For example
If you have downloaded 4 items without sharing any thing and you're not a VIP member then
I'm gonna bring the ban hammer down on your head, and it may be longer than the normal ban time for leeching.

I'll be kind and give you a 4 item grace period, and one of those items better be a viewer to steal stuff.
but come that 5th, 6th, or 7th item then its Bam! headshot. No mercy no exceptions

In short share or be banned brush up on your stealing as it is described

[To see links please register here]

1 share =1 Download
Big shares of good quality items get you more room to flex,

if you don't want to share and you just want to download become a VIP member and donate to our cause.

That's all for now and thanks for reading


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Although your post says pretty much the same thing, the post is full of curses and broken English making it difficult to understand. Especially if English is not the person's first language.

I dont need to talk nice leechers because they always will..Y espero que hablando español me entiendas porque yo no veo necesario escribirles bonito a ellos y dandoles a entender lo que deben de hacer .... ese tema ya es antiguo ademas en todo foro hay leechers /spammers etc etc ... llevo aca mas tiempo que tu para que me digas como debo de hacer las cosas y como debo expresarme hacia ellos ... espero me entiendas

[To see links please register here]

te ayudara en algo :troll:

[Image: 2ugfcwy.png]
Exactly my point. If you use Google translate to translate Broken English the message comes out into something different entirely.
People could be getting the wrong idea on what to do based on what is being translated. Hell, I'm speak fluent english and it took me a second to understand what you were trying to say.

I'm not saying that you should be nice to leechers,
But you also need to take into account that this is kind of a business for the Big boss, and you shouldn't be rude to potential customers.( Who aren't leechers)

Why would anyone want to steal items or pay/donate to a service when the people are so mean and rude.

I know we are all thieves here but that doesn't mean we have to be asses all the time.

Instead of trying to belittle what I'm trying to do, why not use your Spanish skills for good and write up some guides in Spanish?
There are a good chunk of people who speak Spanish on this board and need tutorials and rules that aren't broken up through Google Translate.


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Can we take this up in vip forum or does the staff have its own chat space?

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