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Kinggoon asked several of us to test goonlife but the viewer kept saying Shoopedlife. He claims that shoopedlife is backdoored, but he hex edited the viewer and gave it to us. So if its backdoored why pass it out to us under the name goonlife? The picture below is my post from his forums stating that the viewer says shoopedlife.

[Image: akoO0.jpg]

Page 2 (The above is first post of this thread)

that is very helpfull ty

Thank you so much for your post. Just goes to show what a lowlife fraud "kinggoon" is.... 50 dollars for a premium membership, and then, the viewer unlock codes dont even work...Words cant describe the depths that man will sink to.


esse aqui eu ja usei e muito bom

usu ele e não tem o por que reclamar

:Struggle: ty ill give it A goo See how it works Ty

thhannks Smile
thhannks Smile
thhannks Smile

vorrei provare

جميللل جدا نكتشف

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