Sombrero Firestorm FIX.[Block No More]

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I do not take credit of this Fix, but i can because I found it when searching google and that of a competing forum. :Movie:

With Firestorm blocking old versions..

Quote:The EASIEST one-step way to unblock this viewer is to go into
USERS\\AppData\Roaming\Firestorm\user-settings\fsdata.xml file
and remove everything between BlockedReleasesand "EventsMOTD"
Make the file READ-ONLY and open your viewer.
You are no longer blocked!

Try this one out and see if it works.
Make sure yes, it is READ-ONLY... or it will continue to write to file to keep blocking your viewer from use.
Navigate to the following folder
C:\Users\(Your username)\AppData\Roaming\Firestorm\user_settings
[Image: 28qsgg.png]

Find the fsdata.xml file

[Image: 28qsgg.png]

Right click and select open the XML file in notepad
[Image: jl1kpi.png]

When the file is open in notepad find
now Scroll down until you find

Delete everything between
BlockedReleases and MOTD

If done correctly it will look like this.
[Image: s1pa54.png]

Once everything has been deleted press SAVE and close the Notepad.
Go back to the user_settings folder and right click on the fsdata.xml
and select Properties from the menu
[Image: 21j2711.png]
When the properties menu pens up check the box that says Read-Only and press OK
[Image: 2d1r18p.png]
That's it your viewer should be unblocked and you can go back to work as usual.

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[font][font]Excelent. Thanks very much [/font][/font]

Quote:Excelent. Thanks very much

Thanks for the fix. Very much appreciated.

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