.: 50 Clubs and Commercial Building Items by DCL w/ASSETS = $319,780.00L !!!!! :.

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ALL LINKS UPDATED! This is my collection of 50 Clubs and Commercial Building Items - Stores by DCL/Digital Cult Lifestyle ripped from 3 sims totalling a value of $319,780.00L!!! Everything is sorted into individual folders which contain the xml file, photos of the item and ALL assets for each item. Yes - this was another MASSIVE collection that took me a couple of days to rip and package for sharing. The textures and quality are well worth the download and well worth the work it took to put this together! I reallllly hope you enjoy it!!!
[Image: DCL1.jpg]
[Image: DCL2.jpg]
[Image: DCL4.jpg]

This collection includes all of the items listed below in order as pictured above.

*You may download the full package of ALL of these items at the bottom of this page OR click the individual links below if you only want to download or view more pictures of only that item.

**FYI - I post all items in SEPARATE threads as well in case someone doesn't want to download the full file due to the file size and download time.


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[Image: q3dJm.png]

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Un gran aporte, muchas gracias!!

great thank you

thanks a lot..

(02-19-2013, 02:58 AM)Femme Wrote:

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Thank you Femme  :)

Thank you!

Thanks Femme Awesome :)

Hi, thank you very much for all your effort, can ask you, what viewer you used? becouse i am using darkstorm but error on import textured.

@Chaos Erin, you can't import only textures, you must or upload them or use the uuid numbers
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