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Stealing animations take a little more work than items, but in the end they're worth it.


Let's say you go into a furniture store and they have a animated sofa bed and you want the animations in the bed.

Here is how you get it.

Sit on the item and activate the animations.

When the animation is activated ( Your avatar is doing the animation)

Right click on your avatar and select
Inspect > Anims..

The Animation browser will come up and will show you all the animations you've done in the past hour or so as well as the UUID for the animations.

Quick explanation of the Animation browser.
The Animation browser will show you all the animations you've done in the past hour or so as well as the UUID for the animations.

It will also have the following buttons

COPY UUID- Will copy the selected animation to your clipboard for pasting.

OPEN- Will copy the animation to your local inventory
as well as give you the ability to Copy the UUID,

PLAY IN WORLD- Animate you for everyone to see
PLAY LOCALLY- Only you will see the Animation play.

There is also a blue preview window , Here you can see which animation is selected .

JELLYROLL-.... well I'm not 100% sure as to what Jellyroll does so just ignore it.


Okay now that you know what the buttons do lets get back to the tutorial

With the animation browser open select a animation from the list.
The animation will play in the preview window.
When you have the right animation selected press the OPEN Button.

The animation will open.. Press the X button and close it.
It has been saved to your LOCAL INVENTORY.

=Side note=
Although in your Local inventory/animations folder
Animations must be reuplaoded into SL if you want to use them.
The only way to use the animations for free/Not reuploading them is to copy the UUID of the animation.

Repeat this for the next animations on the list.
CLick on the animated object
select the next animation.
The animation browser will updaate automatically
and will say "PLAYING" next to the animation that is running.
Always select the PLAYING animation, and once again hit OPEN.
Close the animation. Repeat, until you have all the animations you want.

Okay so you have all the animations you want, time to save them all.

Open up your Inventory with CTRL+ I
Go into your Local Inventory folder and you will see all the animations you opened.

Hold down the SHIFT KEY and select the first animation
Then the last animation.

This will select all of the animations, Right click and select SAVE AS
Make sure the ANIMATIONS box is checked
Then press the NEXT>> Button.

You'll be prompted to save, for the sake of the tutorial lets select the desktop.

The inventory back up tool will run and will save the animations in a folder called LOCAL INVENTORY on your desktop.

[i]Hmm, Now I bet you're wondering about the format.
The animations will be saved in
.ANIMATN format and not BVH or anim

.ANIMATN= Format for BULK Animation Upload. You won't be able to change any of the specs of the animation. Such as the Priority/Face expression/ hand state ect when it's in this format.

If you need to change any of the stats of the animation, simply change the file's extension to .ANIM via rename[/i]

You have to change it to .ANIM and then CONVERT it to .BVH with a animation conversion program.
Google is your friend here( ANIM TO BVH PROGRAM)

**Inventory Animations**

These are animations you extract from your inventory.

For this type of extraction we are going to skip the Animation browser

Let's say you have something like an AO that has the animation inside it.

You don't need to use the animation browser, in most cases you can just open the object and take the animations out of it.

For the tutorial we are going to extract the animations from a AO you already have.

Open your Inventory and find the AO you want to extract.

No rezz Method-

Open up your Inventory and Wear the Ao You want to extract
Leave the inventory window open! You'll need it for the next step.

With the Ao on right click on the Ao's Interface and select EDIT from the Pie menu

When the build menu comes up select the CONTENT tab

Here you will see all of the animations and scripts that make the AO run.

Click on the first item inside the content box
Hold shift and scroll down then click on the last item in the box.

If done correctly you will have all the items in the box selected.

With all the items selected let go of the Shift key and drag the items into your inventory

Close the build menu and go back to the inventory window.

Click the RECENT ITEMS tab and find the contents you just dragged over.

Like before hold the shift, Left click on the first item, scroll down and select the last item.

With all of the object selected again let go of the SHIFT key and right click on the selected items
A menu will open select SAVE AS
and like before the Download options menu will come up
Check all the boxes and hit NEXT until you're prompted to save.

If you saved the items to a new folder, you can just right click on the folder and pick SAVE AS and get the same results.


Rezz method

Drag and drop the ao on the ground to a place where you can see it.

If asked to animate your avatar just click "No"

Right click on your AO and select "OPEN" from the pie menu.

The OBJECT CONTENTS menu will open, wait for it to load.

When the animations come up click the COPY TO INVENTORY

The items will create a new folder( with the same name as the object) and copy into your inventory.

Right click on the folder and select SAVE AS
like before the Download options menu will come up
Check all the boxes and hit NEXT until you're prompted to save.


This method is not limited to AOs you can use this method on other things like furniture and pose balls, anything you own.

You CANNOT use the OPEN>COPY TO INVENTORY or EDIT> CONTENTS TAB> on items you don't own.
It just crashes the viewer.

To get animations from items you don't own you'll have to activate them and grab them from the Animation Browser.


-Other Avatar Animations

If another avatar is playing an animation that you want to steal

Right click on the other avatar and select MORE > INSPECT> ANIMS
It will bring up the animation browser, and since we already explained how the animation browser works, follow that guide.

NOTE: You can have multiple animation boxes open at once. This is important if you want to rip things like couple animations.

Just open the animation Browser on your Avatar as well as the other person.
Select the PLAYING animation and save.

That's it for Animations.


thanks for this great tutorial

Zero, with Jelly roll you can download the .anim directly to inventory without paying.

O_O What really? Thats what it is!


(09-29-2014, 06:24 PM)InigoMontoya Wrote:

[To see links please register here]

Zero, with Jelly roll you can download the .anim directly to inventory without paying.

It's worth mentioning that Jelly Roll is only temporary... The minute you relog those animations go poof

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