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UUID codes are an important resource in second life.
Every thing we create from animations to sounds has a UUID

I'll be showing you how to use Texture UUIDs


A good number of skins in our archive are in UUID form
to use them you'll have to have a viewer that allows UUID Texture input.

I'll be using the Old Skool Viewer, but you can use Ex viewer, or singularity
anything that has a UUID texture input.

So, Open up your inventory by pressing CTRL+I

At the top of the inventory menu select CREATE > NEW BODY PARTS > NEW SKIN
[Image: eze3rb.jpg]

A new skin will be created, you can name it whatever you want

With your new skin created double click and wear it.

With your new ugly skin on right click on yourself and select appearance from the pie menu
[Image: svj5mh.jpg]

Navigate the appearance menu and press the SKIN button

[Image: 2v9cd2q.jpg]

See the 3 boxes
Head Tattoo
Upper Tattoo
Lower Tattoo

Those are where you are going to put your skin textures

Lets start with the head
Double click the grey box and it will open up a texture menu
at the bottom you will see a input box and a button that says APPLY UUID

Leave that open and go over to the GS to find some UUIDs to put into the slot.

We're gonna be using BELLEZA - Jesse SKINS (uuid) Deep tan

found here

[To see links please register here]

For the tutorial lets use BELLEZA 1
[Image: vqppqc.jpg]

See the number d2806998-19db-ba17-8888-7fb7ba0f7536
That's the UUID Most UUID

Copy that number and paste it in the input box.
[Image: 2zxtvvb.jpg]

If you do it right the texture will pop up.
In most cases the people will list the skin uuids in Head, Upper,Lower order.
If not just input the codes until you get the right texture.

Okay hit the SELECT button and do the same for the Upper and Lower Tattoo boxes.

When all of your textures are added press OK and the skin will save.

[Image: i1ma7q.jpg]

And there you have it your fancy skin given to you for free thanks to your friend UUID!
[Image: 24nfv3p.png]

Stay tuned for the next tUtorial Applying UUID textures to Objects!.

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Nice tutorial!

Incredibly helpful, thanks! :)

Hi @B3xx

Please see STEP 3: TUTORIALS

[To see links please register here]

if you need assistance. Thank you.

so how do you get it to stay cause when you restart the game it disappears

(11-02-2021, 05:04 PM)goonking Wrote:

[To see links please register here]

so how do you get it to stay cause when you restart the game it disappears

the best is make a applier
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[To see links please register here]


is there a way i can turn my own skin applier to bom?

also it asks me to upload textures in order to use it but it cost me 10l is that supposed to happen or is there a free way if you use it as a classic skin ?

@goonking, no when you must upload textures you will pay always 10 linden, when you make a reglulair skin, you can use the uuid numbers on a cb viewer but i think it will be grey on another viewer
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[To see links please register here]


(11-04-2021, 02:55 PM)goonking Wrote:

[To see links please register here]

is there a way i can turn my own skin applier to bom?

Have the UUIDS From your skins TOP BOTTOM that if you only need for the body if you want all together with the head then get that too. Now if you use a viewer that supports UUID. I use Firestorm and guide you based on that. Now go to Appearance on the bottom left right above Save button you will see number of outfits and next to it is show additional options click that little arrow, go to new clothes then new tattoo. click one by one upper tattoo and a window will appear click where you see the empty space the UUID and then apply UUID (you don't need to upload the picture in sl) Just copy paste the UUID and when you copy paste make sure there is not space at the beginning of the UUID or else will show grey, after you move to the Lower Tattoo and do the same. when you did both of them click Save as, rename it to whatever you want and you will find it in your inventory in your recents. Hope that helps.

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