Help: Importing/Exporting Mesh in the Old Skool Viewer

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Okay! Now that the new Old Skool Viewer is out
I'll show you how to extract and import mesh using this fantastic viewer.

Lets start like before and find a mesh item.

So we have this little sink thing and like before we're going to right click on the object A pie menu should come up. From the pie menu select
More > More > export> Dae

[Image: 1zqc1f6.gif]

When you press Dae, The Dae extraction menu/window will pop up.
[Image: 642v5i.jpg]
Here you'll see the properties of the mesh, as well as the textures connected to the

You can change the format as well as the other texture options in the options panel.
For now check the same boxes that I have checked in the picture

Export Textures
Consolidate Faces
Apply Textures params

I like the textures to save as PNG but you can select any format

Okay now that you have the options set up lets move on.

Select the "BROWSE" Button at the top of the panel

A save window will pop up, now before you hit save, Stop!

We need to create a new folder to put the mesh and all it's textures in.

Right Click on an empty space for the sake of the tutorial I'll be saving on the desktop.
So right click on the empty space, select New the folder

[Image: 208e837.jpg]

When the new folder comes up, click it and save the mesh there.
Like before Make sure you have ".DAE" at the end of the file name.
[Image: 2v9cgug.jpg]

This will keep all of your mesh and it's textures in one place instead of all over your desktop.

Once you selected your save spot the extractor menu will pop up again confirming your settings.
if everything is right press the EXPORT button and the extractor will begin extracting.

You can watch the status of the extraction at the top of the menu.
[Image: 23tpaa1.jpg]

When the remaining number reaches zero the extraction menu will close and give you notice that your mesh and textures have been saved to your location.



Importing the mesh is the same as the last tutorial, however the only difference is we will be importing the textures and mesh at the same time.

So go to the top of the screen and select
File> Upload Mesh

[Image: 91b53s.jpg]

Select the exported mesh and the mesh uploading menu will pop up.

[Image: 2059gz7.jpg]

Click the Upload options tab
Then check the INCLUDE TEXTURES button
You can preview the upload by selecting the textures button under the preview display window.
If everything is to your liking hit the "CALCULATE WEIGHTS & FEE" Button
[Image: 105tbur.jpg]
Wait for it to calculate everything and then hit upload

[Image: 33yqtrp.jpg]

because you are uploading textures as well as a mesh model the upload cost will be higher than normal, because it's counting all the textures needed for the mesh.
if you don't want to include the textures you can unclick the "INCLUDE TEXTURES" button and just upload the item normally. The exported textures will have the UUID as the name and you can just use that for the free upload, but if you don't mind the fee/and or you don't have time to input all the UUIDs, you can just keep the box checked and upload the textures with the mesh.

So we hit upload and the textures have been uploaded and applied automatically the mesh, so when you rezz the item, you'll get this.
[Image: 2qd9auu.png]

A beautiful mesh with the textures already added.
And that concludes the tutorial
Good luck on your hunt!

By far the best tutorial! Now I understand how to do it :D thanks so much!

Sorry for the double post but when I try to click upload nothing happens....any ideas?

(07-17-2015, 10:52 PM)geo266 Wrote:

[To see links please register here]

By far the best tutorial! Now I understand how to do it :D thanks so much!

Sorry for the double post but when I try to click upload nothing happens....any ideas?
Select browse> then export

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