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[Image: NGct4mO.jpg?1?3890]

So you've been raiding and dropping lulz all over Second Life, and you were banned by the evil and racist Lindens.

No matter what you do, you can't seem to log back in. Is it game over? Obviously not. This guide will have you back in and dropping dongs on peoples' e-lawns in just a few minutes.

Follow these instructions in this order.

== Make Sure You Are Using The Correct Viewer ==

Viewers that can defeat Hardware-based bans are ShoopedLife

== New Account Time ==

The Lindens ban and disable accounts 99% of the time when they to stop you, so if you get '''AN ADMINISTRATOR HAS LOGGED YOU OUT''' it's safe to say that your account no longer exists. Consult the guide

[To see links please register here]

if you forget the proper way to register new accounts.

== Delete the Cache Folder ==
:''Note: Done automatically by ShoopedLife''

You should always do this whenever you are banned. The Lindens like to hide a fake file in your cache that tells your client not to let you login.

*In Windows NT/2000/XP, the cache folder is located in <code>C:\documents and settings\username\application data\secondlife\cache</code> (you can also go to Start > Run... and type <code>%APPDATA%\SecondLife\cache</code> in order to be sent directly to that folder)
*In Windows Vista, it's in the Roaming folder.

Make sure to delete this folder in its entirety.

== Change IP ==

If the previous steps didn't get you back into the game, it's likely that you've been IP banned. To get around this, use the following steps.

* If using Tor, right-click on the little green onion on your taskbar and select "New Identity", wait about 30 seconds and try to log back in.
* If you aren't using Tor, then load up Tor and Proxifier.
* '''NOTE: You should keep in mind that it may possibly take up to a half-hour of clicking on shit before finding a working proxy through Tor.'''

If you really don't want to use Tor, you can change your MAC address which will likely give you a new IP when you reconnect, but this is much more complicated and is handled in a different article. Consult [[MAC Makeup and Drive SN Changer]] on how to do this.

Now that you are unstoppable and unbannable, it is time to move on to our next topic of discussion: How to troll

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@killkillkill you like to spam for links ya lil bitch? Let me hit you with this spam hammer!

I had a battle with one of there admins some years back,they can do a hardware ban as well for that you have to manually change your Mac Id on your network card by going to property's on it right down your original mac and make a new one keeping the same format of odd and even numbers(example if the number is 2 you can use 4-6-8 as an alt)

they can also ban your HDD's serial number for that just search google for HDD serial number changer,you can do a soft serial change(original numbers will still be stored in firmware)and it will trick there system.

as far as changing your IP if you have cable internet just unplug your modem before going to bed and plug it back in in the AM and you'll have a new IP,if your in a city unplugging it for an hour should do it as well,if your on DSL youll need to make a call to your ISP and claim someone threatened to hack you and showed you your IP or something(they dont like to change your IP without a good reason)

after all that make sure you have a new email address and make a new account,dont ever try to log in the old perma banned accounts again as youll have to start all this over again if you do,also dont go running right back to any friends you might have in there if your ban is recent they will watch your friends chatlogs if you pissed them off as much as i did lol and defiantly dont mention ban or anything else in there they defiantly have keyword alerts.

thank you for this

And using proxies doesn't work for this problem?

Hi @Mannie

Please see STEP 3: TUTORIALS

[To see links please register here]

if you need assistance. Thank you.

Thank you.

Does this still work in 2023? Researching how to evade a permaban before I make a move.

download link?

@PopRockLolipops there is no download link,
just read, its a help if you been banned in second life
Don't send Buddy Requests with no reasons
Rules 1-6

[To see links please register here]


Thanks for the useful info, although I haven't been banned so far.

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