Entire Stores [BA] and Trompe Loeil

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Hi bunnies been awhile huh?! well, I got something to make you smile, an entire sim rip of the stores [BA} and Trompe Loeil
Now the thing is both stores are on the same land and merge into each other so I thought it was one whole store, until! I got like 70% in did I notice the names were changing on me lol.

Anywho this package include well.. EVERYTHINg
Skyboxes, Furniture, decoooooorrr ( see how I rolled that R? that's how you know it's high quality stuff)

Some of the items are Mesh, some are XML
Mesh includes like always the OBJ, and DAE as well as the textures.
Textures are in .j2c format so you'll need XnView to convert /view them to Png or JPG
Texture name is = UUID

I hope you enjoy and thank you again for your continued support of the GS

[Image: aui2ir.jpg]
[Image: 15cobpv.jpg]

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thanks zero i do appreciate ive made a few of their carpayments  in sl buying these things  hugs to ya

wow.. Awesome... Thank you so very much Wrote:wow.. Awesome... Thank you so very much

this is incredible.  thank you very much

wich one viewer need to use?

@canncann, xml must use Hydrastorm
​all other mesh objects can be upload with every viewer

but with latest hydra dont upload textures, and i select checkbox for upload textures, how solve this?

you can also import xml file with firestorm official then you have also the textures

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