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Okay heres the last of the laraX series, a dev kit for the Petite chest

[To see links please register here]

Made in blender 2.79 , this is a non avastar rig, so you can just use the plain jane blender if you want to export anything no avastar required.
Uvs and weights are correct, so the kit cna be used to make clothes as well as body mods,
I tihnk the only thing wrong with this is that I didnt sort all the finger nails, and one of the toe nails on the feet are missing, but really thats nothing that cant be duped and mirrored on the foot with the nails, i just didnt have time or will to fix it. Umm. it also contains the daes so you can use the same materials i did to do whatever you want with.

If you want a copy of the body iyo ucan totally just export it from the blend file and wear in world.
no scripts and if you like/down load the kit, You know you can donate or at the very least say thank you Both will make me happy.

Much thanks from the itty bitty tittie committee!

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