[split] dev kit for the Enzo male body

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(12-09-2016, 02:43 PM)CosmicInspector Wrote:

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Still waiting

please, please , please, i'm struggling to get a correct mesh dev kit for the Enzo male body. I can rig everything, but the kits available till today have wrong weights compared to SL original body. I will really appreciate. 

dear friends, 

I finally got the new dev kit for aesthetic niramith Enzo 5.0 dev kit. 
It would be my first upload and contribution to this channel. 
I need to be guided , in order to post correctly, and load it onto a secure page. 
all the problems for weights and shape between SL and dev kit in blender are resolved, however, the bento hands still are something I'm trying to resolve, in order to rig them properly. Maybe after I upload the kit , someone could put hands on this and resolve it, creating a dummy body with connected bento hands and transfer the weights properly, both on A pose and T pose. 
could someone be so kind to guide me through this? I'm scared to do something wrong or post wrongly or upload wrongly. 

@virginiarossi i split your request and moved it to the right forum, 
you asked this devkit in a

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i read you have the Enzo 5.0 devkit
you can make a new thread in this forum 

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