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Hello guys (and girls ^^)! <3

I'm glad to see you here! It has been some time since I have written MeshFix v2. Last months have been quite busy for me.
Also, I didn't have much motivation for coding. RL can often surprise us!

It made me happy that so many of you have found my tool useful.
Some of you though found few issues with it, mostly about the lack of the bones in exported daes,
lack of OpenSim support and high RAM usage issue. There were some other minor complaints too.

I am well aware of these problems. While the bone and maybe RAM issue could be solved, the OpenSim support rather can't.
This is because OpenSim uses different texture UUIDs than Second Life and therefore applying textures with the OS script is impossible.

However this issue can be solved by using entirely new viewer that doesn't have in-world script limitations.
One other thing new viewer could help in, is completely removing the need to use XMLs at all, making copying stuff fully a single click action.

However, if these were the only purposes, spending a lot of time for the new viewer would be veeery silly :D

BUT! The possibilities with the new viewer are far more than that. Enough to completely change the way we use virtual worlds.
For now I won't reveal the details, but I will just say that making new viewer starts making more and more sense :)

The new viewer will not be Firestorm based (or SL Viewer based - FireStorm has a lot of LL's code).
It will be written in the open source modern gaming engine to avoid licence issues - Godot Engine. it is fairly easy engine to work with.
For scripts, it will use mainly C# for performance purposes (modern C# is as fast as C++ in most cases while much easier to code in).

It will still be massive and time consuming project. And I am not going to spare all my free time for coding.
I have other hobbies too, RL friends, RL duties.. 

So.. I can not say any date when or even if I am going to finish it. If some experienced devs are willing to help they can PM me.
Currently I need only experienced devs as I am writing core features and elements of the viewer.
When it is done, less experienced devs will also be able to help by writing extensions to the viewer (YES! My viewer will support custom extensions!)
That being said, the project is very modular so it won't be hard to spread the work between many devs. 

Non-devs can also help - by writing encourging comments in this thread or MeshFix's thread.
Or by giving rep points. Or by giving me hugs. Or by supporting me with money. Any support counts!
All these can give me more motivation to work on stuff. Without motivation I may work slower or even totally abandon the project.

About MeshFix, I am going to keep maintaining it for bugfixing purposes. I am rather not planning to add new features to it -
because the MeshFix's dependency on XMLs gives me too many limitations to fully do what I would like to do.
Those who need bones in exported Dae files, can use MeshesSL or Mesh Helper for now.
They are buggy with static mesh but work fine with rigged mesh.

This thread will be mainly for updates about the project and the discussion.
You can give your own ideas or other thoughts in this thread about the future project(s). Any kind of interest makes me happy! <3

Kisses to everyone!

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@kalachman when you share by yourself you will be change in your status,
then you can give rep points
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@Laghertha, got it ! Thank you will try to do so then ( :

Yus, supporting the community rules :D

I need hugs.. :(

Don't know your gender but you got one from me!

I'm a girl sweetie, you can check it in my profile ;D And thank you! I needed one! And some rep points for you for making me happy!

Hug Hug~~ i will stay with you Amae ;3

I send huggies!!
But being honest: the MeshFix is pretty good overally, and fast.
You will start or not: you doing already good job with maintaining the existing program of yours :)

@ Saeki Amae, the genre don't matter, everyone can give a hug, 
hope you are ok, didn't see you online for a couple days, please read your pm
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Hello :) I had a little of break, also feeling ill in RL. 
@jingyuzhilu135, @Shitalica thank you for being caring and nice. I appreciate that a lot

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