4 female avatars for sale prices might be negotiable

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With rl work and family I just don't have the time for secondlife anymore like I used to so I am selling my avatars. I am hoping that someone can get some use out of them. Also, I need the extra money so this is a good way to make some!

All of these avatars are mp store ready and can be used on gambling sims.
They all have loaded inventories and have bento mesh heads as well as bento mesh bodies.


female (toddleedoo)
bento mesh head & body
loaded inventory
born on date - 02/24/2013 (10 years old months)
loaded inventory

price = 15k Ls or 70.00$ USD via paypal


Has the legacy last name Rainfall
bento mesh bodies (yes plural) and bento mesh heads (again, yes plural)
loaded inventory
born on date - 07/25/2010 (12 years 9 months)

price = 24k lindens OR 100.00$ USD via paypal


bento mesh bodies and bento mesh heads
loaded inventory
born on date 08/03/2011 (11 years 9 months)

Price = 22k lindens or 80.00$ USD via paypal


mesh body and mesh head
loaded inventory
born on 09/07/2013  (9 years 8 months)

Price = 17k Ls OR 70.00$ USD via paypal

OR another option is to buy all four together for a total of either 65k ls or 270.00 usd via paypal
thats a savings of
13k Ls or 50.00 usd via paypal

Contact me via discord if interested -

prices might be negotiable depending on how much lower you're trying to ask. I've put WAY too much money into all of these avatars over the years so really their prices are actually cheap if you think about it.

can't message you on Discrod since we're not friends... I'm interested in #2

Hey there I'm interested in the avatar with the last name Rainfall please.

#2 and #3 have been sold! :)

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