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A dev kit made by ME

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it doesn't work))))

@6lili6 What doesn't work?
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this body is for developers! You can make shoes on it! but how rigging on the body in the game does not fall exactly, the same trouble was with the first version of its release! it seems that I’m not the first day with a blender, well, I couldn’t do normal rigging (((the clothes are always twisted! if they put the body on the avastar’s skeleton then it was normal!

As you can see from the video it does indeed work, if it's not working it's because you arent following along or paying attention to what was done in the instruction video
So stop being retarded and pay attention

and you yourself try to do rigging)))) smart guy

Although harsh, Pudding is right, I made the video and the dev kit showing how to use it, and I rigged something to it The weights and everything are accurate. because thisis a direct rip of the body, hell you can export this body and go about wearing it as an avatar if you wanted. If it is failing for you then it is something wrong on your end,


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 I really liked your work, but I would like to ask if it is possible to make this body for Adobe Substance 3D Painter so that the cards are displayed separately and not in a pile. I cut the set separately for the torso and legs, and it works, but it's very inconvenient ((thanks

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I know nothing about SP

To see the different body parts in substance painter you have to first open the mesh file on Blender and set every body part with a different material. Once opened on Substance Painter again, you'll be able to see it's not mixed anymore but you can paint on each part by selecting the material you want to work on.

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