Howdy everybody, Guess who's back home.

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Hi everyone!

It feels alittle self centered to post an announcement about me coming back but it is pretty big news right? lol
Okay guys Hi if you dont know me my name is Zero.
i was one of the big players back in the day and I ran off and started my channel  The mighty Ginkgo, however due to recent events, I've come back home to help out and get the blood a pumping in here like the old days.

For example, we have a discord coming up soon, this will hopefully this will not only help get everyone a talkin' but clear up som eof those communication issues we had in the past.

Anywho' lookin' forward to workin' with y'all again ^___^

welcome back can't wait to see what comes :P

^_^ Is there anything in particular you guys are into these days that you would like to see posted?I've been legit for so long I  fell out of what is jive and hip with everyone XD

i mean its more or less the same mesh/animesh scripts etc im currently researching a little hole i found in SL where you can force teleport people via sending shit to them like your the simulator and even make them play animations with out even asking permisions etc

Yeeeaaaaah.... i cant do scripts.. thats my elemental weakness

lol yea sometimes sripting can be complex but its all good i just wish the hydrastorm was more updated and had a few more features xD really miss the ability to grab dialog channels via viewer

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