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Hi, I copied rigged object as xml using hydrastorm and used meshesSL to turn it into dae. But when I try to upload it, i get error "MAV_BLOCK_MISSING". Is there any way to quickly fix this error without digging too much into blender?

I used Mesh Helped, not MeshesSL :D

I manually edited the downloaded XML file - I removed one of the child prims from XML and opened it with Mesh Helper to turn it into dae. Then tried to upload it again and no error happened. Luckily the removed prim from XML wasn't important so all works fine - but still would be nice to find way to bypass this error in case it was caused by some important prim.

@Saeki Amae first i read in the first line that you used Hydrastorm and MeshesSL
then you said you used mesh helper, so what did you use

MeshesSL dont work anymore with Hydrastorm on the normal way then you must use another viewer 
Hydrastorm works with Mesh Helper, 
- what do you see in the upload square on your viewer? 
when you have that error, can be different things:
- or a bad rip, or wrong software that you use,
- or to big, if its to big then you need a xml splitter
- when you search you can find it on this forum with the info how you must use it
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I found this error only in one of my copies so i guess it is just bad mesh that i was copying

@Saeki Amae not a bad mesh, the mesh item is most of the time good,
but when its not full loaded can be the problem so its a bad rip
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