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Hello, in random moments the site becomes unavaible for me - i get message connection timed out. But if i connect to this site with proxy or VPN then, it works just fine - which means the site block my IP at times. Why could it be happening? Thank you in advance for help!

@Saeki Amae, depence what you doing on a day
you cant leeche the whole day, you can only download 8 or 10 a day
or sharing things can only 10 a day
messages can also only a couple a day
can also that it is busy on the same time that you tryed to log in, then touch refresh
clear cookies will help too
read the rules 1-6

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It's also possible your ISP or a node between you and site is blocking or dropping lots of packets.With VPN your connection is rerouted differently,so bypasses those nodes.

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