Does stealing furniture make sense?

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As in subject, does stealing animated furnitures make sense? I ask because in most cases reuploading all of the animations cost more than the furniture itsself - but maybe I miss something important here.

@Saeki Amae its not only the animations you need for the furniture
(you need also the scripts you cant copybot this)
it make sense only if you will  have the full perm part, 
that you will build with it and will sell it (but never use the same animation name)
animations full perm are expensive, but you must count always,
most of the times you cant buy the scripts or animations
then the creator from the furniture makes this 
but if there is another creator name on it,
then you can look what his/her package is
then you must find also the script what is needed, 
thats the harderst part.
if you have animations for anyting you can share that always here 
good luck
read the rules 1-6

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I sue useful for people they are on Hypergrid :D

I recently saw that premium plus gives free uploads - so maybe it could make sense to buy it for a month or so and during the month copybot large amount of animations?

@Saeki Amae, its someting new the premium plus account

i found this 

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 Premium Plus subscribers get free uploads for sounds, textures, and animations, 
but the member ship is The all-new Premium Plus is available for $29.99 per month and $249 per year
so why to pay a premium ship to uploads sounds, textures, and animations, then you better can buy it full perm
i think that will be cheaper then the member ship,

i dont think they accept only 1 month i think you have a contract, for minimal a couple months i think
read the rules 1-6

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I think they do accept for a month.. if that is the case i can just collet let's say 1000+ animations and then buy the membership and get all for free

they give 2600 L$ monthly while 30 $ that it costs would give me 6600 L$ - which means i pay 4000 L for animations. - so if i upload 400+ animations it is worth it for me

Depends on how good you want the furniture,and how many animations you want in it.Copybotting the furniture makes it full perm and resellable or trasnferrable to alts without anims.Animations are 10L each to upload,and there's always free cheap full perm ones to buy,if you wanna resell.In some ways it makes sense,in other ways it won't.

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