How to import prim settings of the mesh object?

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Hello everyone! I use updated hydrastorm viewer and I have small question.. if I want to copybot non-mesh prims, I export XML or OBJ and then simply import it at ease for 0 L$. But when I want to do the same with the mesh I encounter some problem - if I export it as collada and then I want to upload it again, if I don't want to repay for textures during upload, I have to manually apply all the textures to the mesh after upload (finding which face has which texture UUID, copying it and then finding the same coresponding face in the uploaded mesh and applying the UUID) alongside with other prim settings like phantom setting, physics type and so on. If I export it as xml, then during import I can not see the mesh object itsself but the prim settings are restored. If I try to export it as OBJ, I get an error preventing me from export. Best solution would be export the mesh as collada and as xml, then reupload the mesh and apply settings from exported earlier XML to it. But I can not see any such option in the viewer.. could someone advise me what I could do about it? Manually applying all the settings, expecially for more advanced mesh linksets can be really time consuming and tiring..
Thank you in advance for all answers <3

@ Saeki Amae you can export xml, but you cant import xml what is mesh, only normal prims
*import on the cbv is in the avatar tab, the first tab on top
if you copy mesh then save it as dae, but its not rigged, then you need to rigged it in blender
or if you export as xml and its clothing or animals what need to be rigged use

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in that forum they explain how to work and the download is there
read the rules 1-6

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