How to get a Bom Template (Tattoo's) For Free in World

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you save a BOM tattoo from your inventory 
to your computer, then you  see only a kind of nc file
this nc you can open only with notepad ++ its a free tool

[To see links please register here]

scroll down you see uuid numbers (make-up)

the one below are fake ones from second life, see picture 
[Image: fake-number-sl-c228d1cf-4b5d-4ba8-84f4-899a0796aa97.png]


Make your own tattoo layer
on top in your inventory create
then choose for new clothing - then new tattoo

add the layer and edit it
 [Image: edit-new-tattoo.png]
choose head tattoo 

you will see a screen to find the tattoo template
you will see below a uuid beam add there your uuid number and apply
[Image: after-you-add-the-uuid-number-the-eye-sh...screen.png]
make a name in the beam (new tattoo) and choose save on top of that screen
[Image: then-save-button-on-top.png]

this is one way to get bom layers for free in world 
second way make a own applier if you have bom head
this is one to get a Bom Template (Tattoo's) For Free in World

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