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Mesh Helper is the replacement for MeshesSL. MeshesSL does not work anymore.
how to use

[Image: mesh-helper-pic1.jpg]
touch the create dae file, after that you get this
[Image: touch-create-the-dae-file-maker.png]
dae file created
[Image: files-created.png]

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Page 4 (The above is first post of this thread)
OK, I tried this out in WINE. It sort of works. Worked well enough to copy an avatar from SL and import it to OS.I'm running Darkstorm because Hydra does not have a Linux version, and MeshFix under WINE.In my case if I click on the 'project prims' or 'project appliers the program immediately crashes with a page fault error.MeshFix exported the meshes perfectly except for it fails to apply any textures. I had to do that manually. While a pain in the neck, at least it is doable. I'm attributing that to the fact that I am running Darkstorm instead of Hydra.The client script does not work. I get an error stating that " llLinksetDataRead()" does not exist, and it doesn't. But again that might be an issue caused by my irregularities. Other than that it's a very well put together program. I just wish there were a Linux version. Linux people need love too. Thanks for the great program.

this tool works only to export xml file and import xml file, never heard of Os? 
or save as dae file if this tool isnt work for you enough 
try this one it works with Hydrastorm and Darkstorm

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OS is lazy mans wayof saying "opensim"

The Client script works in SL only. While I could make OS version of the script it makes no sense - because the task of the script is to apply textures inworld using UUIDs from original item in SL. But SL UUIDs will not work in OpenSim. Therefore the script would be mostly useless. Instead I rather think of coding a new viewer that could bypass all these problems.

What I did was to import everything into OpenSim, then I went back to the avatar in SL, and I recorded what texture went where. Then I went back to OpenSim and I applied the textures accordingly.  It did  work well, although it was a bit time consuming.
At least I can get it done with MeshFix.
Thanks for the great product.

Also I  think  it would be nice if the program named the output folders to what the item actually is named. If that's not possible, then put the ID number on the row for each processed object.



It does do that, i specifically asked the developer to make that function when she was putting it together. it names the folder after the item and put the textures inside the folder.if thats not happening for you, thats somethin; on your end.,

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