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Mesh Helper is the replacement for MeshesSL. MeshesSL does not work anymore.
how to use

[Image: mesh-helper-pic1.jpg]
touch the create dae file, after that you get this
[Image: touch-create-the-dae-file-maker.png]
dae file created
[Image: files-created.png]

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Hey! Having some issues using this and not sure if im missing something but i just downloaded it, made sure antivirus didn't remove or block any files, and tried running the program normally, and as admin, but i keep getting this error when trying to select an XML file. Clicking continue does nothing, and clicking quit does exactly that, close the program.
[Image: 2PuvJ8H.png]
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@AvissCora if you have that message can happen sometimes, 
or the xml file isnt good, the avatar wasnt rezzed enough
or the xml file is to long then you need a splitter,
search on the forum for that share

I am having an inssue I had to reenstall my PC last night but now Mesh helper wont let me choose my cache path. What am I missing

Nevermind I have it fixed

how do u find the cache folder path

@glosetto the one you made in the viewer you can find that in search from your computer
%appdata%, cbv is most saved it most of the time local, other viewers saved it in Roaming
open the folders and search for the viewer folder (FirestormOS_x64 or Firestorm) depence what you using
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Here lately my sucess rate has been 50/50. I've been recieving Model full set decoded : 0101 , but the output folders have either been compeletly empty or html files instead of dae. Any suggestions? 

[Image: 5688ea0e099a6a5bef0b50707252b874.png]

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@SociallyInept first i can't see what xml file, i dont see a name
but i see you are missing i think the SLM files see button below that picture
it says download the SLM file you will see that opion only when the xml file is wrong

there is a new tool works at them moment better then Mesh Helper
the creator is here also almost everyday to support her tool
read and download the tool here, 

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Has anybody managed to get MeshHelper working in Linux under Wine?

If not are there any other similar programs available?

Is the source for MeshHelper available?

Any helpould be appreciated
A Noob.

There is a new tool  that has most of its functionalities and many new features:

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From what i heard it works fine on wine but try yourself :)

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