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hey hello, im aditing a lucy body demo, i can make the demo box transparent, but this objects (box and body ) are non modify... so this back to the normal. I see a script on the body saying somethig like, detect this are showing the faces... so im thinking in dowload the xml, but i cant have the body in sl... i dont have payment info XC.
Someone know how to turn the objet linked (the box) still transparent...or this is not possible T.T?

@pinkbrainme i split your question and made a thread for you, dont ask things in a thread what has nothing to do with your question
made next time a thread yourself and in the right forum

you can  unlink the boxes in Blender but what has that to do with the body and you cant upload or import a box as well you will never have the script 
you cant upload a xml file you must import that, but Mesh bodys, objects, etc will stay as  box, you have nothing on it, 
 the only thing you can do, is use Meshes Helper there you make the body rigged, but then the next problem the uploading
and you cant, yes you must have payment used
read the rules 1-6

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