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I'm looking for this avatar.

[To see links please register here]

If anyone has it with mesh body not classic one please contact me.
I am willing to pay/give 1000L for the copy.
Take care guys.   BalkanBaron
[Image: JOAQUIN_-_BRONZE_-_TMP_-_VENDOR.jpg?1422654899]

Eu tenho um parecido com esse,só estou tendo problemas com uvmaps

You realize this is not a Complete avatar - It is ONLY the Head skin for non Mesh Head, compatible with the FREE  TMP mesh  body. i.e. a Non mesh Head with a freebie Mesh body.

You get:
1 x Head skin
Some facial hairs.
Some eyes
a styling card.

You can find skins here for free. (creat a new skin in world. edit skin and use the UUIDs of skins to creat your OWN skin)
You can get the TPM mesh body from "the shops " in world store for free.

And you can use you 1kLs on buying some hair and uplaiding some AO animations

take a demo, mabye the demo not so heavey with demo words on it
then you can adjust it in photoshop 

but this is not a bom skin its works on a applier
its made for a tmp mesh body and its tone 20

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