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Sup guys,
I'm trying to find a way to exploit a no rez zone to rez a prime, just one it's enough.
I already find a video:

[To see links please register here]

But my anti-virus reported this file, someone know a anything about this or a thing that work?

i dont know what you will show us, something about no rezzing zone?

easy way if you will rezz something and you cant rezz
then add the box as a hud in your screen, you can always drag the items, from the box to your inventory, the only item what is not working is a no copy item then you must rezz it, but also what you are showing dont work at all, the only thing that is working how you show it is when it has a script in it that automatic opent the box

This video is from 2011 when SL used to have a coridinate in all sims where you could build. The script would utilize that coridinate to rezz in no rezz sims.
It has been patched long ago and no longer works

Thats sad, Thank you.

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