Uploading Skin? Turning Gray?

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Hey Im just trying to figure out how to wear a skin i made for myself inword? I made it into a tattoo layer and it comes on fine but when i exit appearance mode it turns gray. i even uploaded it for 10L in my inventory..

Make sure to put the new uuid or actual uploaded texture on the layer.

@Riribabyboss more info please, what did you make or did you ripp it before, if you rip it from a bento body then yes the skin will be grey, what did you upload?, was your skin alpha or had it a body under it, 
you must have for a tattoo layer a alpha template, are you trying to add it to a mesh body or regulair body, 
but i think what i wright on the first line, you ripped a bento skin

Try manually emptying your viewer cache and logging in somewhere that is mainly water, or very high up somewhere.
Then test the UUID's on a skin again to make sure you got the right UUID's, and if they work, try it on a tattoo layer again.

If you rip skins you can see directly if the item is part of a BOM body:
if there is no creator/owner name than this UUID code a screen image with no value.

If you make the mistake to reupload it to SL again, not changing that UUID code, than this pict will be seen bij the SL system as a screen image.


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