Will pay for a Krafties bot.

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I'm not sure if this is do able but i heard that people been botting on krafties before. Anyway, Krafties is basically like a mmorpg where you have your own creature which can kill wild krafties to get exp and loot. It has crafting as well etc. You have a Hud and a creature attachment and everything is done with the hud, expect the attacking the wild krafties part. So they spawn from this thing called home temple that you put out and you need to click the wild kraftie to get a blue pop up window that says attack and when you click attack, you start attacking pretty much lol. Anyway, would anyone maybe be able to make a bot for this game? Thank you! Also tell me what you would like to be paid if you can do it!

Still looking and i am willing to pay 100 USD.

Increased my price to 200 USD.

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