I'm feeling like such a noob.... Importing confusion!

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Hey all,

I chose to upgrade to VIP to both help support the site and also, of course, access the wonderful items some of you are sharing. 

When I get the opportunity, I intend to share some skins, I have a rather large collection, so if you happen to be looking for something in particular, (I mainly use LeLutka EvoX, but still have a good collection of other skins too, from all kinds of creators!) you're always welcome to drop me a PM and see if I happen to have it. If I do, I'd be more than happy to post anything requested. The main problem is finding the time to post random items, and not knowing what people here would like to see!

ANYWAY! My new shiny golden username brings with it, a new problem I did not foresee. 


So... my questions are:

Which files can be imported for free? And how? 

Which files must be paid for to import? And how can I import them, especially keeping the price as low as possible? 

I have tried searching the forums, but there are SO many threads and similar questions, I have no clue which apply to my specific questions. If there is a thread that answers one of the above questions that I've missed, please feel free to link it and I will happily read the answer there.
Otherwise, would someone be willing to spell it out for me in "Importing For Dummies" language please? 
Feel free to treat me with kid gloves, because apart from importing textures for skins, makeup, tattoos and eyes, I haven't really imported anything before. I have experience with the inworld build menu, so I can at least use that. It really is the actual initial import and knowing how to do it at the lowest cost L$ wise that I could do with some guidance on. 

If it helps, I'm most likely to import mesh body parts (e.g: a mesh body), clothing, hair and static poses... roughly in that order. As I said I am okay with doing textures for skins and such. 

I would be incredibly grateful if someone would be able to help me here. Forgive me for being so dense when it comes to this topic. 

Thank you a million times!

most from your questions are in the 6 steps ★☆ START HERE BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ELSE!! ☆★

[To see links please register here]


It's a big question.
Firstly you can simply use textures UUIDs to use ripped texture and Animations inworld with out having to actually import or pay for anything.
To creat a BOM skin for example: Go into appearance mode and create a skin via Body Parts, then in each texture field for Head , Upper and Lower, enter the texture UUID and save it, and violla you have a new Skin.

Importing mesh is a little more complicated and involves osome trial and error. I would advise to initially start with unrigged mesh such as hair. and then to rigged clothing.
You will have to have payment info on file and you need to accept LL's IP TOS to upload it. once you have done so, and you are ready to import.
when you are at that stage come back and ask individual questions after reading the plenothra of information avaiable on this site .

Check my Sig for additional information and required links
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