Animation Creator Names?

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I am trying to learn animations so I can offer items here.  I took my my alts animation I purchased thru MP.  I have followed the Hydrastorm instructions and downloaded the anim to my pc.  I have used the anim2bvh file and have successfully ul into blender where I can see the animation converted correctly.  I made a few tweaks and exported to a bvh file.  <br />
<br />
On the forum I read that a DAE has the creator name still embedded in it, that notepad should be used to change that. (Mesh is way outta my league atm so these will be offered after Im more familiar with the process)<br />
<br />
<size option="medium" style="font-size:medium;"><font option="impact" style="font-family:impact;">My question is this:  Does an anim have the same name buried somewhere in the file?  or once I have written it from Blender to a bvh file it would show no creator and be safe to ul into SL for testing.</font></size><br />
<br />
fThanks for any help with this question.  <br />

Please forgive me if I'm rude, I'm just curious, have you tried opening your bvh file with a text editor?

so far i know there is no name in animations, just open it with wordpad, you see what animation it is, 
your name will be there only as the creator when you upload it

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