Second life Tos About sextual age play

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it is amazing how Linden Labs baits people to robbe them, they allow a child avatar to go to an adult sim that has sex poses and furniture in it , but if the avatar used them and get caught or reported they will bann that account , we know that their are many scripts and security orbs that can detect age or payment in users profiles and dont let you in or pass some point.
so why the Linden Labs makers lets say at least when a child avatar try to sit on an adult pose ball he can sit?, why there is no script that detects the avatar age or type and prevent it from sitting and send a massage like "cant sit while in child avatar", this is so easy to program ,i am a programmer and SL developers made scripts more complicated than this ,this is very simple one, so someone should sue them for letting this open in their game,i think they have keep it open on purpose so people fall for it and they can close their account and steal their money cause they will not pay your lindins money back.

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i moved your thread to the right forum, it isnt a introduction, it is a dicussion

a child avatar isnt allowd to go to adult sims, and the land is also closed when a child try to go there, there as a line they can't go in 
they must verifity the birthday, and age on the second life account
if it can go there then i don't believe its a child behind that avatar, so they looks like a child but for sure they arren't
and a child avatar can sit also on normal poses, it its a adult pose then i can only think of, that it is not a child, or the shop has adult stuff in a wrong sim
if you find that take a picture and send a ticket to Linden, 
some clubs, shops has a age script in it stuff then they can't sit but not everyone think of that becourse they are on a adult sim, 
parrents brings also they kids in adult clubs, thats not normal as well 
i dont even know why a child avatar must be in second life,
so far i know are the child avatars from zooby not from linden

yes exactly my point they should remove them why they are their in the first place

yesterday i saw one too, in a adult shop, she was 5 years old so i think they do it by them self gives a wrong age with the verifity

The issue is,they allow adults to play as children.It's rare for a real child to play one in SL.Also,there is no way to differentiate adult and child avatars seeing they use the same system bodies,jsut with mesh,sculpt,or size adjusted parts.The person behind avatar should know rules(you agree to them when you make account),and if they decide to go against it,then they should be punished.I have reported a few times real 8 year olds,or people pretending to be kids having sex,or in wrong place,and they were banned,and authorities are called to look into it.

Also,child avatars are used for multiple legitimate reasons.People who cannot have children want to be able to RP that they have them.Some adults never had a chance at a proper childhood,whether orphaned,abused,disabled,etc,so they want to know how it would have been.People can make real bonds in SL,it's not jsut NPCs running around,so some virtual families become like real ones,even meeting in RL,and become close.I never had kids RL,and had one in SL,and we are still close,her family likes me,and she still thinks of me as a "dad" cause I helped her,and listened like her real one should have(he left when she was little).

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