Question: Exporting both sides of poseball couples animation?

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I just tried to post but the connection was reset as I posted and now the thread is saying it does not exist, so apologies if this is reposted.

I am having trouble exporting both the Male and Female sides of the pink/blue poseballs. I can export the Male and Female sides of animations from furniture, HUDs and other non-poseball items, but the poseballs only allow me to see either the Male or the Female side, and I can't figure out how to open the other side. I am right clicking and then selecting 'Open' from the menu, then copying to my inventory to export from there, which is how I export animations from all other types of objects. But I cant select the other side of the poseball with this method, it seems to highlight both sides at once and I can't separate them or switch between them, while only ever showing the contents of one side. I have tried right clicking on just the pink ball or just the blue ball, but it just opens the same side every time no matter which side I try to click.

[Image: iqgtiYV.jpg]

(06-10-2021, 03:53 AM)ryanthecreators Wrote:

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[Image: iqgtiYV.jpg]

when you have the ball's on the ground edit linked part you can touch or the woman, or the man ball, then you can see both, but why will you export it?
what you can do with Hydrastorm, touch the animations in the balls seperate then you go dancing you see in that menu, also save as anim, or save as bvh, uuid, or re-upload, the anim and bvh go's to your computer, and then you have the file there, if you re-upload that coast you 10 linden, then you have it right away in your inventory full perm

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