Is the new forum theme temporary?

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The original theme of this forum was nice to navigate and was easier to use. The posts were easier to search and options more accessi
The original theme is still visible before signing in, but after sign in it changes into this weird dark theme with reduced options.
I didn't sign in much since the theme changed, will this theme stay forever? Or is this just temporary?
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The original theme no longer worked with the updated Mybb. We will probably change to another theme soon.

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@Jagiwig920 its still the same theme, do you see a purple theme or other colour?  then change it in your own user CP , go to the user tab, to orange then the old theme is back

go to user cp in the top of your screen where you name is (right side)
- then edit options
from there you can change the theme, 
you see almost below in that screen on the right side kind or (tema)
change that to orange moon theme (tema) 
then the old orange theme is back

@Lagertha Thanks

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@Welcome Ap0110

Thanks for the tip. I prefer the old theme too.

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