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We an update on news we bought you before
As we reported before second life has plans on changing the vfs cache system.

This is a system that we use in order to extract mesh from Second Life.

There has been talk that they were going to restructure the system and dictate what saves here and what doesn't save here.

Which could potentially break our viewers in our tools that we use to extract items

We've been following this story for a few months and at the last created meeting they have finally released the timeline

The viewer changes have been implemented in an RC viewer and can be previewed and tested,

Plans for moving forward and implementing this into a reel viewer have been on hold due to some Q&A errors and feedback they're waiting for
However The Firestorm team is pushing for these changes to become real and their viewer in the next 2 months

Linden Labs has stated that they are going to wait a little bit longer and get out all the bugs before they release it however they are trying to coordinate their release with the Firestorm team.

In short we have a minimum of two months before the new Cache System is implemented into the viewer mainstream.

Please use this time to gather all the items you wish to extract before the system is changed we may have longer we may have sooner.

Of course the hide reviewer team has been alerted about these changes and we'll be developing of you with your reflects a changes,
However we have no idea if will be able to retain all of the features that we have now.
So yeah get out there and grab that stuff before it's too late

Thank you for this update

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