The myth of Technitium MAC Address Changer

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Often people recommended to use Technitium MAC Address Changer and Hard Disk Serial Number Changer.
But these recommendations stem from a very poor understanding of how the (copybot) viewers work.

Let's examine why these claims make no sense
The most important reason is because copybot viewers have the final say on what MAC Address and Hard Disk Serial is broadcast to the SL servers.
So these softwares will add nothing to your security, as they can not influence what MAC and ID0 is send to SL servers.

But what if I use a legal viewer without a Login Spoofer?
These softwares would still be useless especially on Windows and MACos

Windows users seem to overlook is the fact that Windows viewers do not check for the MAC Address, but your BIOS Serial.
So if you used Technitium MAC Address Changer with a legal viewer your alts would still be detected.

For MACos your device serial is used instead of your volume serial, leading to your alts being detected.

What should I do?
Configure your login spoofer properly, many people forget to configure their login spoofer in their copybot viewers.
Enable your login spoofer and change the null-keys.

And stop promoting this myth of Technitium MAC Address Changer and similiar software
Add CryptoDog to your viewer:

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