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I'm an old SL player but I'm just discovering copybot.
browsing the forum I saw a lot of thread talking about ban but I can't find a post concerning the causes of ban.
So I'm not sure...
Is it safe to use copybot to copy items ? import them ?
Which precautions should I take ?
What behaviour can cause a ban ?

Thk you for your answer and sorry if it's already asked several times

Just follow rules of common sense:
#1 Never share copybotted items (not even with friends)
#2 Always use a root object of the original creator (this can be a demo item, renamed and made small)
#3 Make sure the LOD of your object doesnt look too different (A object collapsing into a triangle is suspicious)
#4 Mimic the original item as much as possible, if it gives a message or dialog when clicked, make sure it does.
#5 Dont hangout in the store where you copybotted the items from

CopyBotting is always safe, the risk is only with uploading and sharing.
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