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Hi ! I'm new to SL and copybot so I'm sorry for my ignorance
(english is not my native language)

I've been dealing with mesh head and modified shape for days now, and I can't seem to do want I want

I've already scearch for tutorials on youtube or forums but I didn't find anything about that

I'm trying to export a mesh head (the genus one) with a modified shape to import it in blender

I have managed to export the mesh head in .dae and the shape with xml separatly, but I don't know how to make them "fusionate" . I don' t know if I'm clear but, what I want to do is that my avatar looks the same in blender as in SL, because when I export the mesh head, even if I wear the shape, when I open it in blender it's just the base mesh head not affected by my shape

I have tried to download avastar for blender, import my shape then the .dae mesh head genus, then transfer the shape keys of the shape to the mesh head but this not seem to work, it look really weird and buggy.
I'm sure there is a way more easy way to do that ? (or maybe not ?)

Can someone help me please ? Thank you !


More than a year and still trying to figure this out. 

Is there any way to make my avatar looks exactly the same from viewer to blender ?

With shape + head my avatar looks like this 

[Image: 1641951849_tnDilYpZRE7TYft.png]

but when I import .dae to blender it looks like this

[Image: 1641951730_suwejsTyYceFfZE.png]

The shape is not applied and I still don't know how to do, I don't even know if this is possible

Idc if it's a .obj .dae or whatever file as long as blender can open it. 

Don't know if the information is useful but I still have avastar

Can someone help me please ? Or at least tell me if it's possible pls. Thanks

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