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I've seen loads of animation UUIDs in the forum and have looked at ripping a few myself. I question is, is it possible to play them in an AO without uploading? I thought the play animation comment in LSL only worked if the animation file was present in the object. Or is it possible to play them in FireStore by UUID?



Actually should have said play in FireStorm's AO by UUID

the uuid numbers you can copy and paste in second life, but so far i know a uuid number still dont work in a script for a AO, dances etc,
or you must have a special AO or dancehud, that works with uuid numbers

I also was interested to know if there's some type of script to use the uuid's has an ao for firestorm , or if there is some ao like Lagertha said that i could buy to use the uuid's for firestorm, that would make things so much easyer Peanut.001

@bluetears, i dont know or there is something like that, dont see it so far, best is go to the ao stores and read the info

Been doing some reading and found that llStartAnimation says you need the animation file in the inventory of the prim that going to animate you. This would mean that you would need to reupload each animation that you have the UUID for. So ripping off and entire AO wouldn't be cheap but would be still a lot cheaper than paying 2000L$ for some of them. Also most vendors seem to charge around 80L$ for a single animation

I suppose the best idea would be to mix and match animations form several vendors and make your own using a freebie HUD

@crimdon, i think better to buy a full perm ao that you can change your own script, and that works with notecards, maybe you can add the uuid numbers in it then, 
if you have a animation with a uuid as name, then you dont need to upload that, just copy and paste in a nc in world 
or if you have already the animation in world edit the animation and touch uuid button then you dont need to upload them again the uuid number show in your local chat
the new Bento Ao's from VISTA are also between 1500-2000 linden, each animations is normal price 10 linden to upload 

we have skin appliers,tattoo appliers,etc.. and textures what works with uuid numbers 
i dont know why there isnt a script for animation what works with uuid numbers yet

you can read here also about llStartAnimation

[To see links please register here]


I think , that maybe would be a script like this one 

[To see links please register here]

but a little bit more complex because it had to have the stands sitting etc

Please do you know how to add animation to FS AO with UUID NC if you don't have the animations in your inventroy ?

Hello Folks,
The only viewer who can plays UUID-code animations and poses is with Revelator...
But I see that viewer is not in the copybot list on this forum.

There is in Firestorm a way to "test" .bvh files in a loop, so you don't need to buy them or upload to SL


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