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these animations take it out of the lelutka hud serve for all heads bento

I forgot which animations I copied from the hud but for me the most important gestures

why copy it?

why am i going to create a hud of static head animations for bento poses and photos is a job for a creator friend

regularly some head animations have movement but these are still animations that are perfect for photos

I leave a photo of the hud where I copy the animations in case you are interested in these animations, you just have to download them and upload them to second life

if they are master blender creators with avastas they can even modify the animations to their liking and sell new huds with their own styles

so that you do not download it I will tell you more less a list of what you get in the animations

close the eyes
stick out the tongue
among others

[To see links please register here]

[Image: cyT1TBo.png]

thank you for sharing, its very useful ;)

Oi pessoal, alguém pode me dizer por que muitos bvh ou anim estão tendo um erro durante o upload? Ou estou cometendo algum erro?
Hi guys, can anyone tell me why many bvh or anim are having an error while uploading? Or am I making some mistake?

@LuizCL, most of the time its a bad rip,
anim is better then bvh, bvh dont has a looping in it, stopt everytime
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all the anim I save doesn't work, am I doing wrong?

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