To Our Cousins at King Goon

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Look How long havce we been gong back and forth with this pointless feud?
Isnt it about time we stop this and start working together?
I know we have gotten some things from y'all that has progressed gooning further. We will never be able to repay the genus that is Gina and her tools, and in turn y'all have benifitted from our work in collection both items and knowlege.
The people who started this Goon vs Goon war are long gone, and with the changes Ll plans on making more thanever do we need to work together.
I'm just saying we've all gotten older, maturer, wiser it's time we put an end to this spy vs spy games.

If y'all need help with something, or need some items, please just come to us , or come to me if you want and just say so.
There is no need for you to send over fake members  to raid or VIp stache.
like seriously its no big deal we can just share links with you.

As I said we have both benifitted from each other, we;re family, we should start acting like it.
how about it, do you guys wanna call a truce?
just think of all the things we could do together.
Annnd.. if you guys dont feel comfortable talking to some of the admins. You know I'm pretty neutral. Y'all can always talk to me ^_^
Hope to hear from y'all soon.


So true, time to work together

well said i didnt realise they were still going anyways x

its not only King Goon, its also CBC
read the rules 1-6

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so true ZERO..I will always stand with ZERO and goonsquad only since you are always showing friendly to everyone,honestly without the generous supporting from goodsquad time after time,I will just quit my SL definitely

If we are united, we can improve.

Hey ya,ll . LISTEN Ive been off the scene for a few years now. For those who dont know me im O.G From the K.G Forum. Rip GooN. Ive joined here hoping that theres FINALLY no beef between the 2 forums. I wont lie i spent plenty of good years in the K.G Community infact i think its around 10+ years that ive been Copy Botting. I came across you guys a few weeks ago and TBH I thought it was the K.G Forum. I now realise its not but have downloaded the C.B Clients you have here and am hoping to jump inworld and make use of the outside world FINALLY Seeing the benefit of VIRTUAL WORLDS... I Made ££££££ssss in the past, benefitting from clients made by Neil 50/50 and so on. Losts of amazing cheats and glitches, especially the original FULL PERM GLITCH. OKAY OKAY MY POINT........ With zuckerberg going all META on our asses theres real ££££sss to be made.... Just botting and selling MESH  ITEMS could earn upwards of 1000s a day... NFTs can be made inworld and sold for more money than most of us have ever seen. So how bout it???? whos down for some serious MONEY??? PM Me if your are for real.

@THE REAL RIP, so far i know KG does not exist anymore, for a couple months, maybe it come back who knows
but show what you have to share for this forum everything is welcome
read the rules 1-6

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Make love, not war

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